Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Professor David Price
Primary Care Respiratory Medicine, University of Aberdeen,
United Kingdom

Professor Wilson Pace
DARTNet Institute,
CO, United States

Professor Barbara Yawn
COPD Foundation,
MD, United States

Professor Alan Kaplan
Family Physician Airways
Group of Canada,
ON, Canada

Professor MeiLan Han
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine,
University of Michigan,
MI, United States

Professor Barry Make
Respiratory Care, National Jewish Health,
CO, United States

Professor Janwillem Kocks
Observational and Pragmatic Research Institute,

Professor Chester Fox
Family Medicine,
University of Buffalo,
NY, United States

Professor Neil Skolnik
Family Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University,
PA, United States

Professor Ku-Lang Chang
Health Family Medicine,
University of Florida,
FL, United States